RPG HUD: Targeting Assistant

Below, I have listed some of the many pages that will be included in the targeting assistant package. As you read, keep in mind that all of these settings update and persist during run-time. So modifying target settings while you play will be completely convenient. When using the package, you will be able to toggle off continuous updates - which is strongly encouraged when building to avoid useless computation in the background.

Something else I would like to mention before you read on... You will notice at the bottom of some of the windows (Pull data from...) followed by a popup selection. This is extremely useful for saving settings data for each of your projects and having a starting point when beginning new projects. At run-time, you will be able to change where you pull data from and ALL of your settings will be updated to give you a quick look at how your game will look with different styles. As I come closer to releasing the package, you will be able to witness this extremely useful feature in a video.