Renaissance Coders

Renaissance Coders is a partnership between Jared Hill and me, which began March 2015, dedicated to educating viewers freshly entering the tech or game development industry. At the start of the YouTube channel's birth, we pushed content out on a daily basis. After 6 months, life caught up to us and we had to take a break from developing content for the channel. When we find time, we release new lessons that are usually requested from our viewers. As of now, our daily view count continues to steadily increase.

Our future goals include more financially viable options that will help us streamline our process. More specifically, we are developing an Intro to Unity Udemy course. Right now, this course is looking like it may include 15-25 hours of learning material. Check out the blog page to stay up to date with this project.

Below are the playlists I have contributed to the Renaissance Coders channel.