My contribution to this project: • UI/UX • Effects • Google Play Integration

Like the scattered flux, the billowing nebula,  and the broken memories, you have become remnant. A game about space exploration and mastering spaceship maneuvers.

A Renaissance Coders production in association with Global Game Jam 2017.

Demo is available on Google Play. Full release coming soon to Google Play and Apple App Store.

Remnant Demo

Take a look at Remnant as of GGJ '17. This version was completed in about 5 days (some time was taken before the game jam to set up menu navigation) by Jared Hill and myself. 

In the game, we use some icon assets from various publishers on FlatIcon along with some music productions from Newgrounds. All programming, UI/UX design, and gameplay design has been done by our little two-man team. My contribution consisted of menu navigation, UI/UX design, and effects for the space nebula and gravity wells.

Since the game jam, we have been actively working on completing the full version, which includes 40 levels across 8 galaxies, a multitude of ships, Google Play integration, and more. We aim to be done with the Android and iOS versions by the end of February 2017.

Install this demo on Google Play and give it a try today!