My First Published Work - 3D Camera Pack

Six months ago this package was published to Unity's Asset Store. It was a huge deal for me that marked a new era in my programming career.

I have been "in" the industry for about 3 years (That was when I began reading books on how to program games.) At one point I spent 8 months attempting to submit a 3D model car to the Unity Asset Store that was repeatedly rejected. I began thinking how far away I was from making a living off of pursuing my passion. 

Somewhere along the hundreds of hours working in Unity I picked up an interest in one of the focal points in games - camera systems. Of course, cameras work in tandem with character controllers, which I also studied. Several dozen cameras later, I began working on something that was becoming a viable option for all of my school projects. I don't know where it started, but week after week I made tweaks and modifications until the camera felt perfect. At the time approaching the release date, it was only an RPG style camera that could handle 3D collisions pretty well. I published it September 1st 2015 for a modest price.

Many changes have been made since the initial release and many more changes will come. This was the product that motivated me to make a living through programming, and if any of my customers are reading this, I sincerely thank you for helping this asset get to where it is today. You guys are awesome!