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My contribution to this project: • Camera/Character Controller • Avatar Animation • Avatar Model • Partial UNET and Photon Networking

Architect was developed during the Fall 2015 Kennesaw State University Game Jam. It was recognized as one of the top 7 teams - which I'm not really sure how good that is. As a side, I wish the judges of these game jams would stick to at least a top 3 list. Regardless, this is easily one of my top game jam experiences. I always get the most out of game jam when I learn something substantial. 

For Architect, the big challenge was networked gameplay. We aren't talking about local network either. We tried using UNET to handle server side data transfer, but at the time UNET was fairly quirky and unstable. Keep in mind, our 3 person team had no experience with network programming for games. So for us to switch from UNET to Photon for Unity3D about 12 hours into the jam, know... Needless to say we learned a lot about how data should be sent on the UDP protocol and just how game latency occurs.

The point of this game is to have one player playing as 'The Architect' from the birds-eye view while all other connected players (up to 24) must find their way through the maze without being seen and annihilated by the architect. Take a look below and enjoy the show. :)

Game Jam 2015 - Architect