My fiancee, my family, then my work.

 Katherine, my future wife, and me at Machu Picchu.

Katherine, my future wife, and me at Machu Picchu.


About Me

I might have been the only first grader in my class who understood the term diligence. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad bombarding me with lectures, and many of them were of the happiness I would yield from hard work. That idea was ingrained in me early on.

Now I'm 23 years old and I feel like I am at a critical point in my life. I recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in game development. I'm earning my Masters of CS degree, leading a research team for visual impairment, and working remotely as a mobile/VR developer. I simply thrive on productivity, and that is why I have several commitments at any given time. I'm not boasting, it is just who I am.

I make an effort to reflect each day on how I can improve myself. If I had to lay out a list of goals they would mostly consist of making improvements in existing areas of my life: family, professionalism, etc... Although, I should include that I would very much enjoy working on a major MMORPG title in the future.

As a game developer, a frequent assumption of being a "gamer" arises. Ironically I don't have much time to play games. I grew up on titles like Anarchy Online, City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield 1942. Back then, every kid said "making games would be the best job in the world". No one actually thought they would be doing it. Anymore if I have time I'll jump on a Ketchapp game for a few minutes since they are crazy-engaging and easy to pick up. If I have more time to relax, I'll play Battlefield 1 or Trackmania Nations.

I hope this short introduction gives you a clear impression of who I am. I am currently looking for serious opportunities. If you have any, or just want to chat about cool algorithms, feel free to contact me.




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